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After studyingFine Arts at Concordia University, Art Education at the University of Quebec in Montreal, and a few yearsas a painter and muralist on the island of Montreal, I took a more solid direction towards youth-illustration with the birth of my son in 2001. In recent years, I have mainly been involved with publishing that is geared towards a youth audience, educational publishing and a bit of advertising as well. I have worked with several Quebec publishers, including Dominiqueet Cie., Imagine, la Bagnole and HMH. I have also worked with such Canadian publishers as Orca Book and AnnickPress. Since 2007, I have worked with Painted-Words which is a New York-based agency for Illustrators. This opportunity has given me access to the U.S. and British markets within the children's publishing industry. I have been able to make both albums and games.


If my style remains traditional, it is mostly in that it is full of poetry. I love being able to translate through drawing the world in which I want to live. I love working light, and different levels and patterns. To create an album, my research work  involves various media and it’s a process that I love, but my favourite aspect will always  be colour. I use mainly watercolours,gouache and oil, which I combine together on watercolour-cardboard.I like watercolour for its lightness, gouachefor its intensity of colours, and oilfor the depth it offers within which I delve with happiness every time. In all, I add a touch of wooden pencil for the details which fly in the wind.


Honours 2013

- Finalist for the Tamarac prize (Fatima et les voleurs de clémentines)

- Finalist for the Peuplier prize (Aujourd’hui peut-être...)

- Finalist for the Québec / Wallonie-Bruxelles prize for youth literature 2013 (Le monde fabuleux de M.Fred)

- Jeunesse des Libraires du Québec prize 2013 (La magie de l'hiver)


- Jeunesse des Libraires du Québec prize 2013 (Le monde fabuleux de M.Fred)




Finalist for the Best Youth Album, Magazine Enfants Québec 2011 (Aujourd’hui peut-être...)

Finalist for the Best Youth Book 2011 for the Alvine-Bélisle prize (Aujourd’hui peut-être...)



Finalist for the Best Youth Album, Magazine Enfants Québec 2010 (Blanche-Neige)



- Not my girl [Éditions Annick Press (En cours)]

- La princesse aux mains blanches [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2013)]

- When I was eight [Éditions Annick Press (2012)]

- Le monde fabuleux de M. Fred [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2012)]

- Maman Solo [Éditions Imagine (2012)]

- La magie de l’hiver [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2012)]

- Le Noël du petit Gnouf [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2011)]

- Fatima et les voleurs de clémentines [Éditions La Bagnole (2011)]

- Today Maybe [Éditions Orcabook (2011)]

- The Brave Young Knight [Zonderkidz (United States) (2011)]

- Aujourd’hui peut-être... [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2010)]

- Une famille tricotée serré [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2010)]

- Les échecs [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2010)]

- Blanche-Neige [Éditions Imagine (2009)]

- The Princess and the three Knights [Zonderkidz (United States)  (2009)]

    *4 editions, where the latest one was printed at 46,000 copies

- Casse-noisette, l’histoire d’un ballet [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2009)]

- Xavier et le livre de lumière [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2009)]

- La plus belle robe du royaume [Éditions Bayard Canada (2009)]

- Eskoumina, l’amour des petits fruits [Éditions HMH (2008)]

- Les papillons [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2008)]

- Tatiana au pays du vent [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2008)]

- Maybe Later [Éditions OrcaBook (2008)]

- Le Merveilleux de A à Z [Éditions Imagine (2007)]

    *Collective with Steve Adams, Fanny, Josée Masse, Luc Melançon

- Les jeux de ficelle [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2007)]

- Les marionnettes [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2007)]

- Xavier et la porte qui n’existe pas [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2007)]

- Hourra tout un plat! [Éditions ERPI (2007)]

- Cendrillon [Éditions Imagine (2006)]

- La magie [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2006)]

- L’arbre à chats [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2006)]

- L’accident d’Hugo [Éditions de l’Hôpital Sainte-Justine (2005)]

- Le cirque [Éditions Dominique et Cie. (2005)]

- La fabrique de contes [Éditions Pierre Tysseyre (2005)]

- Rutabaga et Sibémol [Éditions Juliette (2004)]

- La chasse aux flèches [Éditions La Courte Échelle (2004)]

- Pas de chouchous [Éditions ERPI (2004)]

- La chasse aux moules [Éditions La Courte Échelle (2003)]

- Une histoire de robe [Éditions Juliette (2002)]

- La fabrique de contes [Éditions La Courte Échelle (2002)]

- La chasse aux plombs [Éditions La Courte Échelle (2002)]